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This course prepares you to take the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam. This training has been developed to provide you with the requisite knowledge to not only pass the AWS Developer – Associate certification exam but also gain the knowledge required to become a qualified AWS Certified Developer working in a real-world environment.

This course is offered as a 5 week live instructor-led webinar, or a monthly subscription self-paced course.  It is intended to assist those looking to upgrade their careers securing the cloud computing industry. We prepare you to demonstrate your ability to take the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is created for those who have familiarity with general security and networking concepts or 1 year experience as a network, systems or security administrator or CompTIA Network+ or CompTIA Cloud+ or AWS Cloud Practitioner.

Learning Path

Overview of Cloud Computing
QUIZ: Test Your Cloud Computing Skills
Identify the Main Events in the History of AWS
Quiz: Test Your Skills of History of AWS
Various AWS Platform
QUIZ: Test Your AWS Platform Skills
Understand AWS Global Infrastructure and Security
Different AWS Services

Overview of Identity and Access Management (IAM)
IAM Features
QUIZ: Check Your Knowledge of IAM and Features
Elements of IAM: Identities, Policies, and Resources
Identify Key IAM Terms and Policy Document
Analyze a Sample JSON Script
QUIZ: Check Your Knowledge of IAM Policy and Resources
List of IAM Best Practices and Important Facts
QUIZ: Check Your Knowledge of IAM Permission
List of IAM Access Keys and Temporary Security Credentials
AWS Policy Evaluation Process
QUIZ: Check Your Knowledge of IAM Security Credentials
Identity Federation Using Three Use Cases
IAM as Single Sign On (SSO)
QUIZ: Check Your Knowledge of IAM System Access
IAM Key Takeaways
Quiz: To Check Your Knowledge of IAM

Overview of Elastic Cloud Computing
Identify EC2 Benefits and Related Terminology
EC2 Instance Types and Resource Usage
EC3 Instance Types, Families, and Purchasing Options
Difference Between Root Volume in Instance Store and EBS
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of EC2 and EBS
Overview of Amazon Machine Images
Identify the Flow of an Instance Lifecycle
Instance Store/EBS as Root Volume Types
Definition of Amazon EFS
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of EBS and AMI
Create IAM Roles with ECS
Various Security Groups
Meta Data and User Data in EC2
Overview of Placement Groups
Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling in EC2
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of ELB, Meta Data

Basic Concept and Overview of Simple Storage Service (S3)
S3 Buckets and Identify Different Storage Classes in S3
S3 Data Consistency Model
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on S3 Bucket and Storage
Overview of Version Control and Lifecycle Management
Definition and Creating Buckets, ACLs, and User Policies
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on S3 Policies
Host an Static Website on S3
Work with Cross Origin Resource Sharing
Describe CloudFront integration with S3
S3 Transfer Acceleration and Performance Optimization
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on Website on S3

Basic Concept of Relational Database Service
Overview and Characteristics of RDS
Online Transaction Processing
Features and Availability of DB Instance
RDS Database Failover Process
QUIZ: Check the Knowledge of RDS Features
Overview of ReadReplicas and DB Instance Backups
Management of DB Instance
RDS Storage and Maintenance
Security Groups and Working with DB
Difference Between Aurora and Other DB Engines
Overview of Amazon ElastiCache and Redshift

Basic Concepts and Overview of DynamoDB.
Core components of DynamoDB.
DynamoDB Primary and Secondary Indexes.
Purpose of Query and Scan Operations.
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of Concepts of DynamoDB
Management of Capacity and Throughput in DynamoDB
Overview of Read/Write Operations.
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of Concepts of Dynamodb Capacity and Throughput
DynamoDB Access Control and Data Migration
Web Identity Federation Using Third Party Identity Providers
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of Access Control and Data Migration

Basic Concepts and Overview of SQS
SQS Architecture and Features
Queue and Messages Services for SQS
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of SQS Features
Management of SQS Visibility Timeout
SQS Message Lifecycle, Dead Letter with Delay Queues
SQS Long Polling and Important Facts
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on Long Pooling
SNS Services and its Core Components
Compared: SNS and SQS
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on SNS
SWF Services and its Core Components
Compare SWF with SQS
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of SWF

AWS CloudFormation Features and Template
AWS Cloud Formation Stacks and How to Work With Them
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on Cloud Formation Features and Template
Elastic Beanstalk Overview and its Core Components
Elastic Beanstalk Architecture and supporting Platforms
Manage Beanstalk Environments
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on Elastic Beanstalk
Manage Lambda Environments and its Features
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on Lambda
Overview of Kinesis and Kinesis Client Library
Cloud Formation, Lambda, and Kinesis Key Takeaways
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on Lambda

Overview of AWS SDK (Software Development Kit)
Different Programming Languages SDK Supports
Install AWS SDK for PHP, Configure it, and to Set it Up
AWS SDK Use with Client Objects
Manage access credentials for SDK.
Review AWS SDK for Python or Boto, and its Use for Service Operations
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on AWS SDK PHP
Command Line Interface Installation and Setup
Command Line Interface Service Operations
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of CLI

Basic Concepts of Route 53 and its Overview
Compare Public and Private Hosted Zones
DNS Resource Record Sets
Various DNS Routing Policies
DNS Health Checks for DNS
Describe DNS Failover Configuration Procedure
QUIZ: Test your knowledge of Routing Policies

Overview of VPC
Types of Subnets and Security Groups
Creating and Usage of VPC Wizard
Manually Configuring a VPC
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of Internet Gateway
Elastic IP for an Instance While Creating a VPC
Routing Table and Route Priority for VPC
Compare NACL with Security Groups
Flow Logs on IP Traffic
QUIZ: Test your knowledge of Security Group
Configure NAT Gateway Configuration and Instance
VPN Connections and VPC Limits
VPC Peering for VPCs
Default VPC and its Characteristics

In Module 12, we will discuss API Gateway. We will first introduce the service and then review the Models & Mapping Templates and API Gateway Stages. Finally, we will discuss API Gateway’s Integration with other AWS Services.

AWS Security Features and its Overview
Various Shared Responsibility Models
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of AWS Security Models
AWS Compliance Program
Difference Between Physical and Environmental Security
Business Continuity Management
Network Security and AWS Access Management
AWS Trusted Advisor Security Service Checks
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of AWS Security and Access Management
AWS Security Services with Other Amazon Services, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service
Security, Elastic Block Storage Security and Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Security
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of AWS Security Services and Other Services
Describe Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Security, CloudFront Security, and AWS CloudHSM

QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of CloudFront
QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of CloudWatch

What You WIll Get In This COurse

Whether taking the self paced or instructor led classes, the course content includes:

  •  Abundance of hands on AWS Security Practice Labs
  •  13 Lesson AWS Certified Security Specialty course created by an experienced AWS certified instructor.
  •  Over 120+ AWS Certified Security – Specialty Exam Practice Questions
Live Instructed Online Classroom
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Is coding required for aws developers?

Coding such as Python, PHP, JSON, and other coding languages are recommended to fully understand the advantages of using AWS SDK’s.

How long does it take to complete the course?

IWe have self-paced and instructor led courses that are a total of 5 weeks.  When you purchase the instructor-led course, you get access to the self-paced course as well.

What is the average salary for an aws Certified developer - associate?

The average salary for an AWS Certified Developer – Associate is between $135 – $180K

Can i get a job after completing the course?

Certified AWS Developers and Solutions Architects are in high demand with more companies moving their computing infrastructures to the cloud everyday.