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This free self-paced training is intended to assist those looking to break into the cloud computing industry with little to no cloud computing understanding, and no direction where to start. It is best for beginners and those who have little to no IT experience.  It is meant to help guide you in making an informed decision on how to move forward in a rewarding career.




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This video prepares you to take a fundamental cloud services certification course.  This training has been developed to assist those looking to break into the cloud computing industry with little to no cloud computing understanding. We prepare you with a basic foundation of The Cloud, so that you can move on to more advanced specialized training.  

This training is offered as a free monthly self-paced subscription.  It is intended to assist those looking to upgrade their careers in the cloud computing industry. 

Completing this course will help you:

This course will prepare you with the basic knowledge required to move on to a foundational level cloud certification course.

 It will cover:

– How Cloud Computing was established

– Why Cloud Computing is in high demand

– The ways in which companies use the cloud

– How professions utilize cloud computing

Who is the course for?

This course is created for those who are looking to upgrade their careers in the cloud computing industry.  At the most basic level, no prior knowledge is required to view this course.

Learning Path

In this lesson we will be discussing what existed Before the Cloud, followed by What the Cloud really is, Who Uses Cloud Computing and How the Cloud Works. 

In this lesson we will be discussing the different type of cloud deployment options.  Deployment options refers to the way in which one accesses their applications, or files on the cloud.  The first deployment option we will discuss is Public Cloud option, then the Private Cloud option, and lastly, move into the Hybrid Cloud option. 

In this lesson we will discuss the different type of cloud deployment service models.  Deployment Service models refers to what is known as the “Cloud Stack”.   The three different type of service models that we will discuss in the stack are known as Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service.

Every organization has unique requirements and reasons when it comes to cloud transformation. For a few, it can be the reduction in the cost of asset acquisition and for a few it can be the flexibility to alter the infrastructure whenever required. When companies are contemplating reasons for moving to the cloud, these are the most common business drivers for cloud transformation.

Cloud storage provides many benefits that result in cost-savings and greater convenience for its users.

There are some shortcomings to cloud storage — particularly the public services — that may deter companies from using these services or limit how they use them.

The cloud-based storage market is dominated by Amazon Web Services (AWS)Google and Microsoft Azure

Developers are continuously trying to integrate cloud technology into business in numerous ways which can ultimately result in benefiting business activities. People having “cloud on their mind” have been lured by the vast promise associated with cloud computing.

Being the hottest technology in vogue, cloud computing is garnering a lot of attention from businesses and is generating ample job opportunities in the IT industry.

We lay out a good pathway to move forward in getting a job in Cloud Computing.

May 2023

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How long does it take to complete the cloud fundamentals course?

The Cloud Fundamentals course is a self-paced course that users have lifetime access to and can take this course at anytime.

Will taking the Cloud fundamentals course get me a job?

Simply taking the Cloud Fundamentals course does not validate your understanding of any particular cloud vendor, the course only gives you a general understanding of cloud computing.

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The Cloud Fundamentals course is completely FREE and users can take this course at any time.  Simply register with your email address.

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Users can take the FREE practice exams as often as they wish.  Simply register for the exam, and take it unlimited.

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The Cloud Fundamentals course is designed to prepare students to pick the cloud provider of their choice for education and training.