AWS Certified Security Specialty (SCS-C01)


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Our AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification training is for beginners who have proven basic understanding of securing cloud computing by working in the industry, or by passing the AWS Practitioner exam.  This course will prepare you to validate your ability to effectively demonstrate knowledge about securing the AWS platform.




Skill Level

M-F  5 Weeks

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This course prepares you to take the AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C01) exam. This training has been developed to provide you with the requisite knowledge to not only pass the AWS SCS certification exam but also gain the knowledge required to become a qualified AWS Certified Security Specialist working in a real-world environment.

This course is offered as a 5 week live instructor-led webinar, or a monthly subscription self-paced course.  It is intended to assist those looking to upgrade their careers securing the cloud computing industry. We prepare you to demonstrate your ability to take the AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C01) exam.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is created for those who have familiarity with general security and networking concepts or 1 year experience as a network, systems or security administrator or CompTIA Network+ or CompTIA Cloud+ or AWS Cloud Practitioner.

Learning Path

We will cover the topics of Cloud Security, the Cloud Security Model, Cloud Infrastructure Security, Physical Security, Firewalls around Applications known as Security Groups, and finally, Data Security Protection. 

In Module 2, we will discuss the following topics:  AWS Global Infrastructure Security, Shared Sense of Security, Data Security at Transmission, and finally Data Security at Rest.

In Module 3, we will discuss the following remote server admin protocols: SSH. SCP. SFTP, and lastly VNC.

In Module 4, we will discuss Firewalls and File and User Permissions

In Module 5, we will discuss the AWS CloudTrail Service. Specifically we will review CloudTrail Basics, Benefits of CloudTrail, Use Cases, Pricing, and Loggly Basics.

In Module 6, we will discuss Safeguarding your AWS credentials and Best practices for IAM.

In Module 7, we will discuss Data Security in Transit on S3, Data Security in Transit on EBS, and Data Security in Transit on RDS.

In Module 8, we will discuss AWS Config. First we will provide an Introduction as well as answer the questions, Why AWS Config, and What are AWS Config Rules? We will then discuss Key Attributes of AWS Config, as well as it’s Use Cases. Finally, we will review the Advantages and Pricing for AWS Config.

In Module 9, we will discuss AWS Directory Service and Operating System Security.

In Module 10, we will discuss Access Control, Authentication and Encryption, and Encryption Techniques and Approaches.

In Module 11, we will discuss AWS Inspector. We will first introduce the service and then answer the questions Why is it Required and How does it work. We will finish up by discussing the Benefits of Inspector.

In Module 12, we will discuss API Gateway. We will first introduce the service and then review the Models & Mapping Templates and API Gateway Stages. Finally, we will discuss API Gateway’s Integration with other AWS Services.

In Module 13, we will discuss AWS Lambda. First we will introduce you to Lambda. Then we will discuss the Lambda Function. Finally, we will discuss Security and Access Management, Security in EC2, and Security in Lambda.

What You WIll Get In This COurse

Whether taking the self paced or instructor led classes, the course content includes:

  •  Abundance of hands on AWS Security Practice Labs
  •  13 Lesson AWS Certified Security Specialty course created by an experienced AWS certified instructor.
  •  Over 170+ AWS Certified Security – Specialty Exam Practice Questions
Live Instructed Online Classroom
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May 2023

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How long does it take to earn the aws security specialty certification?

Our certification courses are self-paced and and a live-instructor led virtual course.  Our live courses are 5 weeks of in-depth learning of AWS Security and best practices. 

What is AWS Certification?

AWS certification is a defined roadmap of AWS certifications that validates your knowledge and understanding of the AWS cloud infrastructure.

Can I access the self-paced course if i get the live instructor course?

Yes, each student the enrolls in the virtual instructor led course, the also receive access to the self-paced course.

Will I be able to get a job with aws security specialty certification?

As companies are moving their computing infrastructures to the cloud, they are increasingly in need of cloud security experts.

Is aws certification right for me?

To find out if AWS certification is right for you, take our FREE Cloud Fundamentals course along with our FREE Practice Exams to find out if its right for you.

Can I retake the course?

Yes, you can retake the course up to 90 days if you did not pass the exam.