Cloud Fundamentals – Introduction to the Cloud


Cloud Fundamentals

Need to understand more about the industry? This is the perfect start!

Cloud Funamentals Membership

This video prepares you to take a fundamental cloud services certification course.  It has been developed to assist those looking to break into the cloud computing industry with little to no cloud computing understanding. We prepare you with a basic foundation of The Cloud, so that you can move on to more advanced specialized training.

This training is offered as a free monthly self-paced subscription.  It is intended to assist those looking to upgrade their careers in the cloud computing industry.

 Completing this offering will help you:

This course will prepare you with the basic knowledge required to move on to a foundational level cloud certification course  It will cover”

* How Cloud Computing was established

* Why Cloud Computing is in high demand

* The various ways in which companies use Cloud Computing

* How professions utilize Cloud Computing

* Common salaries and positions in Cloud Computing

– and more!

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